Welcome to 868ONLINE.com

To us the name represents our mission. 868ONLINE.com is more than
just another online marketplace. It is a destination for everything T&T (online),
for both nationals and visitors alike.

Our Mission is to be the GOLD Standard in Online Shopping and Services
for our beautiful Twin Island

Products, Services, Culture…….. everything all under one VIRTUAL ROOF !

868ONLINE.com is part of a larger group, whose origins span over 20 years of delivering world class Business solutions in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Conceptualized in 2020, when the country was first crippled with the COVID-19 Pandemic, we got to work designing our platform, knowing that to do so we needed a LOT of information. We sought not just to build another generalist platform, but one that would be markedly different and intrinsically valuable to the national landscape and the development of the country.

We set out to get information from thousands of data points, store owners, users, deep data analytics and even Artificial Intelligence to gain the proper central perspective. Working with our Sister Company, CariWebs (a Regional FINTECH and e-commerce leader) we went to work to design the most technologically robust and user friendly offering for the Trinidad and Tobago market.

Our Parent Organization CTTL is a Multiple technology and Business Award winner and the Digital Security Partner of the year for the Caribbean, we draw from their deep regional Business experience and use it in our Core DNA for a Digital First, Customer Experience at 868ONLINE.com

We aimed to start 868ONLINE MALL with 50 stores, including a Test group of 10 early adopter companies, but because of the success of the test group and the confidence in the Platform we launched in July 2021 with over 140 Stores, and Hundreds of products being loaded to the platform and much more to come. Armed also with an array of 868ONLINE Services that are major differentiators to the Marketplace including our UNIQUE 868ONLINE PLUS rewards program – UNLIKE anything the country has EVER seen before. – Our PLATFORM 868ONLINE.com is the *PLACE to BE* for EVERYONE !

Our Digital Lineage focuses more on Innovation rather than tradition, we feel comfortable with change and likewise our platform continues to evolve, case in point based on feedback during our early adopter program exercises, we launched 868ONLINE.com GROCERY, in three locations so far and will be expanding to others.

Often people tell us that 868ONLINE.com is amazing just like a T&T Amazon.com

Our reply is ALWAYS the same …..We NEVER wanted to be a T&T Amazon.com
We just want to be the FIRST 868ONLINE.com

A lot more is to come as our country Steps into this new Digital Landscape.
868ONLINE.com is resolute in our mission , To be the GOLD Standard in Online Shopping and Services for Trinidad and Tobago.

We will do so by working diligently and with extraordinary dedication to our purpose to ensure we carry out our mission in full.